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Cycode is the first source code visibility and protection company. Cycode utilizes its unique Source Path Intelligence engine to seamlessly deliver comprehensive visibility into all of your organization’s source code and automatically detect and respond to anomalies in access, movement, and usage.
Enso is the first Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) solution, helping security teams everywhere eliminate their AppSec chaos with application discovery, classification and management. Founded by application security experts, Enso easily deploys into enterprise environments to create an actionable, unified inventory of all application assets, their owners, security posture and associated risk. With Enso security, any AppSec team can build a simplified, agile and scalable application security program.
Using everything from customer and financial data to intellectual property and trade secrets, development and business teams now leverage and create cloud data stores faster than security teams can keep up - leaving them in a state of ever-escalating cloud data security and compliance risk. ‍ It’s challenging enough to manage cloud data store risk, but overflowing stacks of security solutions are causing their own operational mayhem. All the while, security leaders are racing to keep valuable assets safe without slowing down their growth and usage. We realized we could streamline the process, leading to our “Eureka!” moment. Our mission is simple: to let security teams successfully navigate through the ongoing and often chaotic expansion and growth of cloud data; automatically and continuously identifying, managing and reducing security and compliance risk at the speed of their business.
Grip brings the industry’s most comprehensive visibility across all enterprise SaaS applications--known or unknown for apps, users, and their basic interactions with extreme accuracy to minimize false positives. Armed with deep visibility, Grip secures all SaaS application access regardless of device or location as well as mapping data flows to enforce security policies and prevent data loss across the entire SaaS portfolio.
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Hunters provides the industry’s first autonomous hunting solution. Hunters combines its unique Attack Intelligence, Hunting AI, and continuous automation with the enterprise’s existing security data to transform threat hunting from hunt and hope to hunting that works. Hunters.AI generates and delivers actionable visualized attack stories allowing organizations to more quickly and effectively identify, understand, and respond to attacks.
Karamba Security provides embedded cybersecurity solutions to protect all types of connected systems from attacks.
Orca Security was founded on the belief that cloud security visibility solutions need to provide full-stack visibility into all organizational assets, including the cloud infrastructure level, operating systems, applications, and data, with no risk or per-asset integration cost. The Orca Cloud Visibility Platform utilizes its unique SideScanning(™) technology to seamlessly deliver "deep cloud inspection"​ -- comprehensive full-stack visibility into all of your entire cloud infrastructure and assets in a fraction of the time and cost of alternative approaches.
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Piiano pioneers privacy engineering infrastructure for cloud-native applications. Its PII protection and management platform redefine how enterprises build and approach privacy by resolving the inherent risks of sensitive data handling. Now enterprises can proactively manage and protect consumer data with the Piiano code scanner and PII Vault for streamlined PII visibility and segregation. Instantly gain the compliance, visibility, and control your organization needs over this sensitive customer data.
Ride Vision was created by technologists by day, motorbike riders by road, to give any motorcycle Predictive Vision. Ride Vision’s computer vision and neural network based CAT™ - Collision Aversion Technology leverages standard hardware and cameras to sense, predict and warn riders of threats on the road. Ride Vision can be incorporated into any new or traded motorbikes of any price range.
Protecting Data-Driven Innovation The Satori Secure Data Access Cloud is a highly-available and transparent proxy service that sits in front of your data stores (databases, data warehouses, and data lakes). Satori asynchronously inspects all queries and their results to build a complete map of how data flows in your environment and then applies data privacy policies that enable secure and compliant data access in real-time.
We started Valence to secure the mesh of interconnected applications, workflows and business processes born of successful digital transformation, cloud migration and hyperautomation adoption. ‍ Connectivity and workflows are growing indiscriminately and in the shadows without adequate governance or security controls while third party API takeovers, supply chain attacks and consent phishing are on the rise. Current solutions do little to address this new and vulnerable risk surface. ‍ In founding Valence, we will be the first to finally secure the Business Application Mesh. Together, we will work with organizations to experience the benefits of safer Business Application Mesh connectivity with superior visibility, governance and control.
Vulcan Cyber® breaks down organizational cyber risk into measurable, manageable processes to help security teams go beyond their scan data and actually reduce risk. With powerful prioritization, orchestration and mitigation capabilities, the Vulcan Cyber risk management SaaS platform provides clear solutions to help manage risk effectively. Vulcan enhances teams' existing cyber environments by connecting with all the tools they already use, supporting every stage of the cyber security lifecycle across cloud, IT and application attack surfaces. The unique capability of the Vulcan Cyber platform has garnered Vulcan recognition as a 2019 Gartner Cool Vendor and as a 2020 RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox finalist.
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